This week’s silly video!

Hi Everyone!
Well, lots happening around the globe! We have dinosaurs coming back in June…we have a fairy-tale wedding happening and soon it will be SUMMER!!! That means people will be on vacation, happily spending money and having some fun!!

I have focused on bubbles, a little on this video…for those that didn’t see Slick Tricks at any trade show, it is really cool to play with!

1.) Little Kids Deal $500, ffa with 1 case of #578 Slick Tricks and don’t forget Junk Ball!
2.) Aerobie from Swimways is another great outdoor item
​3.) Sand toys from Hape and Haba…great for beach and sand box!
4.) Dinosuars from Wild Republic, Collecta/Reeves and Schleich!​

Please let me know if you have any questions!​

(note: these will be uploaded to their youtube channel)


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